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Govind Bhadu, a Social Philanthropist, spiritedly active on a mission ‘Shape Your Dream’: A Systematic Approach To Design Life. The purpose of Govind Bhadu’s mission is to encourage the young community to dream big and to take control of their own destiny and become a creator of their own lives.

Through ‘Shape Your Dream’ program, His goal is to provide a one-stop solution for “Youth Empowerment,” particularly in India. He is working dynamically to empower the youth by developing a growth mindset and outperforming their potential.


His Only Mission Is To Inspire, Train, Mentor And Enable, Youth To Dream Big, And Achieve The Next Level Of Desired Success.


His Vission Is To Become A One-Stop Solution When It Comes To “Youth Empowerment” Especially In India.
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Govind Bhadu

Why Govind Bhadu?

Govind Bhadu can give you the tools to make your goals a reality

Learn how to define, then actively invest in your success. Mr.Bhadu shares personal experiences, true stories that uncomplicate your road to success.
Inspirational Speaker

Govind Bhadu

He Inspires And Encourages Youth To Realize Their True Potential. He Has Taken His Dynamic Personal Messages In India. Thousands Of Youth Have Benefited From His Dynamic Public Speaking Nationally. He Has Also Been Featured On Renowned Websites Like Businessworld. In The Core Values Of His Principles Are 1. Provide More Than Promised. 2. Preach What He Has Believed And Faith And That Is What He Has Been Practicing Throughout His Life. 3. Do What Is Best For Youth Empowerment.

He Devoted Himself To Helping Youth Live Lives Of Extraordinary Accomplishment And Deep Fulfilment.

He Believes That Joy, Peace And Connectedness Are Innate In All Youth And It Is Possible For Them To
Come Radiantly Alive Each Day Filled With The Joy Of Just Being. As They Do So, They Become More
Effective In Their Work And Efficient In How They Do It.

As Multiple Youths In India Undergo This Transformation The Inner Culture Is Transformed. Every Day
Becomes A Journey Of Self-Growth And Personal Flowering.

This Is The India That He Has Committed To Creating Using Powerful Tools – Exercises, Concepts,
Models, Techniques And Scenarios – Adapted From The Teachings Of The World’s Greatest Masters.

To Attend A Program Led By Govind Bhadu Isn’t To Sit In A Lecture Hall, But Rather To Enter Into A
Conversation That Prompts You To Answer The Question, “ How Can I Identify My Strengths To Achieve My Verison Of Success? “

If Your Goal Is To Re-Invigorate Yourself Empower

Govind Bhadu Can Give You The Tools You Need To Make Your Goals A Reality.

1. Learn How To Define, Then Actively Invest In Your Success. Mr.Bhadu Shares Personal
Experiences, True Stories That Uncomplicate Your Road To Success.

2. Often We Become Too Distracted By What Should Be Or What Has Been To Realize What Can Be.
Govind Bhadu Prompts You To Focus On What’s Possible And Let That Be The Source Of Your

3. You Are Your Greatest Asset. Mr. Bhadu Doesn’t Bring A One-Size-Fits-All Formula To His Speech,
But Rather Asks Thought-Provoking Questions That Give You Your Own Success.

4. Your Goals And Your Challenges Are Unique To You. So Is Govind’s.

Long Before He Arrives To Provide His Speech, Govind Bhadu Does Research To Understand The
Challenges You Face, The Goals You Hope To Accomplish.

You Are The Driving Force Behind Your Success. Mr. Bhadu Encourages Your Participation And You Grow Towards Success.

We’re All Happy Once We Find Success; No One Ever Said We Shouldn’t Be Happy On The Way There.
Govind Bhadu Shows You That Embracing The Journey Is Half The Battle.

His Mission Is To Make Youth Feel Empowered And Self-Confident Every Single Day.

He Started A Youth Revolution

“His Focus Is To Provide Practical Skills & Opportunity That Help Youth Achieve A Higher Level Of Accomplishment And To Build These Skill Sets In A Way That Is Entertaining And Compelling.

He Believes That With Proper Guidance Today’s Youth Can Bring Revolution To This Country.

His Only Main Motive Is To Encourage All Youth To Educate, Inspire And Motivate At No Cost.

He Shares His Experience With These Youths.

He Organizes The Seminar And Workshop For Youth In A Day Without Any Cost.

He Feels Very Happy Inside When He Inspires And Motivate Youth.

He Is A Very Confident, Without Hesitation, Courageous And Enthusiastic Person.

His Main Motive Is To Repairing The Negative Thoughts Into A New Positive Thought & Build Every Youth From Ordinary To Extraordinary Who Wants.

Some Reason To Follow His Words,

1. He Is Willing To Create A Strong Opportunity Via His Speech Where Every Youth Can Motivate, Learn, Earn And Eventually Serve The Nation.

2. To Make Youth More Productive And Proactive

3. To Inspire, Train And Empower Youth To Dream Big And Achieve The Next Level Of Desire Success.

4. To Create A Place Among The Youth From India On The World Map By Transforming Billions Of Ordinary People Into Excellent Human Beings. His Wisdom Shall Enlighten The World For Centuries To Come, Irrespective Of His Existence.

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